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How do I extract my results from ACBLScore?

Submitted by alanjc45 on Mon, 03/12/2018 - 15:44

These instructions will step you through how to extract the results for your game that are suitable for submitting to your club website.

On your computer that has ACBLScore installed, open up the ACBLScore program.
Choose the menu option that opens a game.
Open the gamefile associated with the results you wish to post.
Press the F8 key. You will be prompted to "Select scores destination."
Choose "ASCII file". Newer versions of ACBLScore will say "Text file" instead of "ASCII file". You will then be prompted to choose a file location.
Either continue with the default or choose a directory location that you will remember later. For the File Name, it is best to call it "RESULTS.TXT" or some similar name.
If the file you named exists already, it will prompt you to either Append or Overwrite the existing file. If this is not a multiple section event, you will likely want to Overwrite the file.
You will be prompted to "Select printout order".
Choose "By rank" generally, unless your club has a different preference. Your results are now saved.
If you wish to exit ACBLScore, you use the 'Esc' (escape) key twice.