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How do I submit my game results?

Submitted by alanjc45 on Mon, 03/12/2018 - 16:33

Once you have extracted the results and recap, you can e-mail the them as an attachment to the agreed upon e-mail address, one file at a time. You can use any e-mail program to do this. The subject must read as follows:

results 6/29
recap 6/29
The date, 6/29, should be changed to the effective date for your results. Case does not matter. You may include the name of a day of the week if you wish, like "Results - Monday 6/29". In general, the less you write, the less chance the program will get confused. See the Submission Reference to see other things you can specify on the Subject: line.

It may take a bit for the results to post if there are delays with Internet e-mail, so please be patient. Normally, you would see the results on your club's Calendar within 10 minutes. Submitters may need to be added to a spam whitelist. Let me know your e-mail address if the results are not accepted and I can add you to the whitelist.