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Options for posting results

There are several words you can add to the subject line that help you do more complex processing. They are:

Content keywords
Example Subject: recap 6/29
Time of day
Example Subject: results aft 6/29
Section designation
section X
Example Subject: recap section YY 6/29
Revise Posting
To revise results, just submit them again. You do not need any special keyword to revised results.
Example Subject: results 6/29

It doesn't matter if you use upper, lower, or mixed case. Also, certain words in the subject line are just thrown away, like the days of the week and dashes. So,
Example Subject: Results - Monday 6/29
will process just fine.

You must login to your site in order to delete any game results. It is not available via e-mail.

How do I post results

Creating and submitting results is easy once you get some practice. Assuming you have joined and received an e-mail address specifically for submitting results, follow these basic steps:

  • Extract the results (See FAQ entry)
  • Extract the recap (See FAQ entry)
  • Create the hand records
  • Submit the files one at a time. (See FAQ entry)

Submitting files can be done via e-mail or by logging into your site and uploading the files. There are many options related to submitting results via e-mail. See the Submission Options FAQ to learn about how to deal with multiple sections, multiple events during the same day, and revisions. These are some technical issue that you can gloss over for now. The files you submit can be either plain text (ASCII), HTML, or PDF. There is support for PBN files as well if you ask. MIME encoding is optional. Alternative MIME parts may produce unanticipated results and are typically rejected. If your e-mail client sends these sorts of messages or if you get a message back that leads you to believe that your results were not posted, please refer to How to send plain text messages from most e-mail clients, locate your e-mail client, and follow the directions.